Paderborn offers a convincing synthesis between tradition and high tech, cathedral and “Zukunftsmeile Fürstenallee”, Pader springs and TechnologiePark.

Stadt Paderborn

Due to its convenient location in the centre of Germany, and the good connections to national and international business centres via road, rail and plane, the Paderborn region is a very attractive and vibrant business location.

In addition to the traditional economic sectors, innovative production plants and high tech companies are the basis of the city’s stable economic development. The variety of business sectors is just as impressive as the list of companies with a worldwide reputation, e.g. Benteler, Diebold Nixdorf, dSPACE and Phoenix Contact Power Supplies. Today, Paderborn is, above all, an important IT location. With 280 companies, the city has the highest density of IT companies in North Rhine-Westphalia. Innovative company founders, and various platforms for technology and information transfer complement Paderborn’s status as a business location.

75,000 jobs and 1,300 business start-ups per year are a clear sign for the positive development of the business location Paderborn. Currently, over two thirds of all employees work in the services sector. With a good 4th rank among the 83 largest cities in Germany, Paderborn with its exciting job perspectives and excellent training opportunities is officially confirmed to be very employee-friendly.

A competent investor’s service, support of companies through low business taxes, fast approval procedures, detailed subsidies information and contact platforms provide favorable conditions for entrepreneurs.
A special service for future company founders and sophisticated training programmes for young entrepreneurs complete the range of services offered by the city’s Business Development Society.