About us

ASP is a branch of City council Paderborn. We are a modern and client friendly service enterprise for waste collection, City cleaninig and Parking in Paderborn

About us

ASP (Abfallentsorgungs- und Stadtreinigungsbetrieb Paderborn) is a branch of City council Paderborn. We operate with 135 employees and intend to be a modern and client friendly Service Organisation.

What we are doing for you

- Waste collection and waste Management for Paderborn
- Road cleaning and winter cleaning
- we operate and manage car parking facilities in Paderborn
- we operate our two Recycling plants in Paderborn 
- and more duties for Paderborn

ready for the future

We try to optimize every part of our organisation, to get you a good performance at reasonable costs.

We are certified by ISO EN DIN 9001 und 14001 and work with their guidelines.